Friday, November 7, 2008

I am back online ... in our new house

I am back online!! It has been almost a month since my last post and boy oh boy..what a month it has been.

Here's a quick recap.. after the paperwork was done, we waited for the funding to be released and it turned out that we had to sign more papers and some more required documentation. Then we did a house walkthrough on Oct 21, closed escrow and got the keys to the new house on Oct 23. We moved to the new house on Oct 25 and that whole week was very hectic. We had to keep going back to the house that we rented to clean it up, get rid of old stuff that we didn't want to bring to the new house, repaint the kids bedroom. This is on top of the activities that went on in the new house like alarm installations, furniture delivery, unpacking of boxes, appliance delivery and installations, landscaping, and so on. I actually got sick because of exhaustion during the move.

But you know's all worth it!! We just love our new house!! Abby doesn't want to leave the house. Everytime we go out, she would insist on going back home. Cheryl is warming up to it, especially when the new furniture were delivered. At first she kept telling us that it doesn't feel like home because the place was empty. Weiwei is also warming up to the idea of being a homeowner. She just loves the kitchen, master bath and of course the walk-in closet.

As for me, I had all the reasons to finally purchase a whole set of power tools!!! And the best thing is, we have the place to keep them..the huge garage. I have so many projects already lined up to improve the house like crown moulding and window trim installations, entertainment center, fireplace mantel, blind installations, bedroom paint jobs, and to top it off...Christmas decorations!!!

I will post some before and after pictures of the different rooms in our new house. Hopefully the after pictures will be much better...well at least that's the goal...

To my friends, you are all welcome to drop by and visit us. We don't have any parking and space issues anymore!!!