Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moving on

This morning was the last time for me to play the drums at our church. For those of you who have been following my blog, we have moved to another city because of the house that we purchased. Weiwei and I feel strongly about getting connected in the community to establish our roots. We need to do this for the whole family so we are going to actively look for a church where we can start getting connected. It's for our growth. We want to have relationships established for each one of us and we always start by finding a church. It's the safest way to start new relationships. We want our kids to grow up with other kids around our area.

We are hoping that we can find a church where we can actively participate which will also allow us to continue attending Fair Oaks. So we are praying hard for that. We'll never know what God has planned for us.

I love our worship team at Fair Oaks and I wish them all the best. I will probably play every now and then when there is an urgent need for a drummer. To all of you at Fair Oaks, rock on in the name of the Lord...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Progress at last!!!

I am so tired but happy. I made good progress on my first project for our house - the built in entertainment center. I have been procrastinating since the first failed attempt. Well that's not entirely true. I have been so busy with a project I am working on right now at work. It's messy and it's really a long story.

But now, I can slowly see the fruits of my labor. I am down to the finishing trims to cover the exposed edges of the plywood, the doors for the bottom part and some more staining. I had a difficult time staining the side trims because of the grooves in the trim. The stain were pooling in the grooves and it was difficult to spread it out. I am thinking of sanding it a bit and then apply a final layer to hopefully even it out. But even with this setback, I must say that the whole thing looks pretty good. I can't wait to put on the finishing touches.

Here are pictures of the how the space looked before and how it looks right now (with the kids because they insist they want to be in the picture). After this project, my next one is the fireplace surround and then the crown molding. You can see the blue paint tape on the ceiling which marks the studs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleep Apnea

Weiwei is sleeping tonight with this big gadget attached to her left arm. It's supposed to record or measure something to determine if she suffers from sleep apnea. You can google the technical description of this medical condition. But to me it simply means that somebody stops breathing repeatedly while asleep.

I was the one who told her to see our doctor about this. I have been noticing that she stops breathing repeatedly at night especially when she's lying on her back. And then she would wake up to catch her breath. Sometimes I would have to nudge her just to force her to breathe. And lately, she has been very tired and dozes off easily. At first I was thinking that this is just because of the work involved in taking care of the family. But, I am guessing that the lack of uninterrupted sleep might be causing this or contributing to it.

We'll find out the results on Friday when she returns the gadget to the hospital. I am praying hard that it's nothing to be concerned about. But it just makes me so nervous and concerned.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Father and Daughter Day

Cheryl and I went to the Father and Daughter Day event at Fair Oaks Church today. This is the 3rd year in a row and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this time around we couldn't stay until the end of the event because I had to go to the bank and send money to my mom in the Philippines. Cheryl is a bit bummed out about it but she understands that my mom depends on me for financial support. Weiwei and Abby were around as well to watch the event.

We had a lot of fun with the different activities. There were 2 events that we did for the first time because Cheryl has moved on to the upper group. But we still did her favorite event which is the drip drop. This is where the dad has to lie down on a cot holding a cup over his forehead. Then the daughter stand on a balcony holding a pitcher of water right above where the dad is lying. The goal is for the daughter to fill the cup with water as fast as she can. Last year, I almost drowned because water was just pouring hard on my face and going in to my nose. This time around, I was smarter. I held a tarp over my face and it went better. Cheryl also did well this time around. She's more methodical now unlike last year where she just keeps pouring and pouring. I guess she was doing it intentionally because it was fun for her.

We are looking forward to next year. And I promised Cheryl that I will clear my schedule so we can stay until the end of the event. And also, no mommy and Abby around. Just me and her.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Back on the Drums and a Wonderful Baby News!!!

After being gone from the worship team for 2 weeks, I was back in the practice this past Tuesday. I was a bit off and struggling to get my groove back. My limb coordination was not at its best and my speed and dexterity needed work. I haven’t touched drumsticks just for 2 weeks. I can only imagine the condition I will be in if I stop for an extended time. Anyway, I am so happy to be back and get my artistic juices flowing again.

Now about the baby news…. I got the confirmation from Eric our worship leader that he is indeed expecting a baby. Jason our sound guy who I went out camping with told us about it already but it’s great to hear it straight from the future dad. He looked so happy and excited about the pregnancy and I am so happy for him and Yvette. I know the feeling and I won’t ever forget that feeling. And I am so sure that the baby well be so loved and blessed to have Eric and Yvette as the parents.