Monday, August 27, 2007

My 40th Birthday

Today is my 40th birthday. I am away from home and currently on business trip in Phoenix, AZ. But I will celebrate with my family when I get home.

I was surprised when I walked into the office today. My cube was decorated with all sorts of items announcing to the whole world that I am already 40!!!! And I immediately knew who went out of his way to humiliate me. It was my good buddy who is also my director. All the decorations and trimmings are in black and one of them really cracked me up. It was an inflatable walking cane!! So everybody in the office was having a great time poking fun at me. But I am so happy because I didn't even realize how many friends I have made in our Phoenix office. I travel quite a bit because this is where the business group of project that I work on are based. And the fact that they can poke fun at me shows that I have made them feel comfortable dealing with me and this just makes me feel great!!

I had dinner with my buddy and another office buddy who was with me on this trip and had a couple of rounds. There is nothing like spending your special birthday with good friends. But of course, I would have liked it way better if my wife and kids were with me. But hey, this only makes me more excited to go home.

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