Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Paperwork's we wait....

We have done all the paperwork for our house loan and now we wait...we are so anxious to get the keys to the house. We have done some measurements of the windows so we can buy the blinds. That's one aspect of a property being on a corner lot that we have to deal with. The exposure is more compared to a property that is in between two properties.

We are looking forward to starting our traditions in our new house and the first one coming up is Thanksgiving and then our favortie time of the year - Christmas!!!


serene yap said...

Congratulation! Yours Dream come True.Yeow , Serene , Hugo n Venus feel REJOICE for your family.

We sow what we reap. We work hard towards our Dream sure come true.

We looking forward to visit your warm and comfy house in near future.


daisy said...

Man, sa wakas nakagawa na rin ako ng blog.Naisingit ko na rin hehehe...congrats ulit sa new house!dream come true...visit my to wei,cheryl and abby.ingat kayo dyan!

Wendy said...

Dear Norman and Weiwei,

I haven't logged on your blog for a while, and couldn't believe what a blessing that God rewarded to your family for your trust, love and patience!! I know many, many happy moments and testimonies will grow in your lovely new home :-)

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you.