Sunday, March 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It feels good to be back home!! Back to my comfort zone. There really is nothing like it. Going away makes you appreciate who and what you have at home. I was in Vegas for 4 days where I attended a conference and right after getting back home, we traveled to Disneyland as a spring break treat to Cheryl.

Las Vegas, what a place. I have been to Vegas a couple of times before but both of those times were with my wife. This time around, it was just me with several colleagues from work. I am saying this because I just realized that I was seeing Vegas from a different point of view. I had the tendency to act like a single guy and I had to check my self once in a while because if you're not careful, you will get confused and lost in that place mentally and morally. So for all of you married people going there, please be very careful. You can still have fun but just be very careful. The commercial "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" can be so far from the truth. Because if you do something really stupid, it will not stay in Vegas. Worse, you will bear that in your conscience for the rest of your life.

Ok, having said all of that....I had lots of fun!!! I managed to reconnect with some ex-colleagues who are now working for other companies and also got to meet other people in the business which is good because it expands my network...really helpful when you get laid off or just want to move on. I managed to accomplish what I set out to do in the conference so it was fruitful work-wise. The last night of the conference was a blast. A special concert for the conference was held and the group that performed is The Bare Naked Ladies which is an awesome band. There was an open bar and we were invited by IBM as a V.I.P and we had access to an open bar and a special area of the concert hall. Food was also great.

At the end of it all, I couldn't wait to go home to see my wife and my kids. But, I am thankful that I work for a company that provides me an opportunity to stay in Vegas and have a great time.

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