Sunday, June 1, 2008

Very 1st Solo Camping of the Salgado Family

We just got back from our very first solo camping as a family. It was a blast and I needed it to take my mind off what happened to my brother. A lot of preparations had to be done being the 1st solo camping and all. Stress level was high (at least for me), but we managed to pull it off.

It was very exciting and our kids absolutely enjoyed the experience. We have gone camping with other people as a group and it's different because the activities and the food had to cater to a bigger group and you really don't have that much control on what happens. This time around, we have full control of our time, what we want to do, and what we want to eat. There's so much freedom to enjoy the campsite and what it has to offer.

I am very proud of my lovely bride because she managed to survive and enjoy the experience as well. With freedom doing it solo came more workload because we had to do everything on our own like cooking, making sure the kids are occupied, making sure everybody is warm, cozy and safe.

Our kids had a blast. Abby kept saying over and over that she loves camping. She just kept running and playing and absolutely enjoying the outdoor life.

Cheryl learned how to ride her bike without any training wheels!!! It was amazing to watch. She was quite hesitant when I took the training wheels off of her bike. But when I pushed her bike and she managed to go a short distance without falling down, you could see pure excitement and joy from her eyes. It brought me back to the time that I learned how to ride the bike. I knew exactly the feeling.

We were so exhausted at the end of the trip. But the funny thing is, we feel refreshed even though we were exhausted. I guess there's two kinds of exhaustion. The first kind is exhaustion from doing things that you don't really enjoy or see any value to it. The second one is exhaustion from doing something that gives you joy, pleasure and fulfillment. I'll take the second type of exhaustion any time.

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