Monday, June 16, 2008

Camping with the Sayson Family

We went camping over the weekend again. But this time around, we are with another family. I invited Andrew who is my friend and colleague at work. This was their first time camping and they actually did quite well for first timers with no prior experience at all. So we have Andrew and Lorraine and their 2 kids Aidan and Andie.

We arrived at the campsite Friday afternoon and it was so hot. But it cooled down quite fast. Andrew's family arrived about 30-45 minutes after us and our kids hit it off immediately. They were running around and playing while we are setting up camp.

First night was a rocky start for them because their air bed deflated quite a bit and this was a problem for Lorraine's back. I don't blame her. I had a problem with my back as well because my dear wife forgot our air pump so I was lying on a semi-inflated air bed as well. For all you hardcore campers out there you must be thinking, air bed??? That's not real camping. Well, say what you want but I love my air bed and we have to keep the kids comfortable otherwise they are going to be miserable without good sleep. And if they are miserable, then we will definitely be miserable.

The kids had so much fun riding their bikes, blowing bubbles, squirting each other with water guns, coloring books, and just being around each other. We also went to the lake for a swim and the kids were just enjoying the cool dip because it was hot that day. The beach was so crowded and there were a lot of people using the picnic tables in the park.

My oldest daughter was so amused with Aidan. He looked so cute when he runs around and tries to talk. He has so many cute words like "yabadaba" when he wants more food. He also kept saying my youngest daughter's name Abby but he actually meant to call my oldest daughter. He's such a bundle of joy.

It was so much fun watching Andie and Abby communicating and socializing with each other. With their limited vocabulary, it's amazing how they can actually talk to each other and understand what they are saying to each other. I am so happy to see Abby so eager to show Andie what camping is all about.

Here are some more pictures...

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