Saturday, August 9, 2008

Golden Gate Bridge ... Finally!!!

We finally managed to drive on the Golden Gate bridge. My wife and I have been in the US for 8 10 years and all that time has been in the bay area. So it is really amusing that this is the first time we have seen the Golden Gate bridge up close. But unfortunately, the fog was too thick so we really didn't see the whole bridge in all its splendor. All we could see was what's on our side and immediately in front. We couldn't even see the bridge towers. But at least we have a reason to come back for more.

Anyway, we actually went to the San Francisco Zoo first. We have been wanting to do that as well so we decided to do two things in one trip. The kids had a blast at the zoo but they didn't see any elephants and most of the animals are taking naps or not active at all. It got a bit boring for me but my kids attitude towards the trip changed my perspective. They were actually having a great time regardless of whether they see the animals moving or not. It was all about just being there with each other.

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