Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crying...a great way to pray

I was listening to our pastor in church today pray and at one point, his voice started breaking because he was overcome by emotions and he struggled to say what he wanted to say because he started to cry a bit. After the prayer, he said that he wished he could cry and talk at the same time but the two really wouldn't work well together. Well, it got me thinking.....

If you have been following our blog, you know by now that I have lost my father last year and my oldest brother early this year. And my wife has lost both her parents in a span of less than a year. We were hurting and we still are. Through these times, when I start to pray about the situation, I would be overcome by emotions that it made it difficult to pray verbally what I wanted to say. Today, it suddenly dawned on me that I don't really have to say anything because our loving God already knows what I want to say. All I really have to do is just cry because that would be the best way of expressing your pain, hurt and anguish. No amount of words, no matter how articulate you are, can really express what and how you're feeling inside and that's the beauty of it. You don't have to. Just let your guard down, let the tears fall, open up your heart and cry like you've never done before because God understands what you are going through and he will be there for you.

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Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing on this. I absolutely feel that my tears to God are a form of wordless prayer -at times they can express so much more than my feeble words ever could. Praise God He knows what we are feeling and thinking, whether we can articulate that or not! Great post!