Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't just be a light in a well lit room...

I heard this quote from Kevin who is one of the guys in the Family Camp we are in right now. The general topic is how we as Christians need to reach out to the pre-believers (I like that term too instead of unbelievers). "Don't just be a light in a well lit room". What a profound statement. It got me thinking how I am living my life.

My wife and I have been so concerned about exposing ourselves and our kids to people who haven't come to faith in Jesus Christ, and we have tried so hard to surround ourselves with Christians friends and planned our daily life to revolve around being with other Christians as much as we can. We have lost sight of the fact that we are called to reach out to people who haven't known our Lord and Savior. Our main concern is that we might get influenced by the thoughts and actions of pre-believers that our minds and being will be corrupted. But instead of being concerned about this, we should be living our lives by trying to show everybody how wonderful our Savior is through our actions. We shouldn't worry about being corrupted if we do our due diligence on staying focused on His words and consistently going to His words every chance we can to strengthen our faith and understanding of Him. It doesn't mean that we forget about our brothers and sisters in faith. We do need each other. But there's a lot of dark places out there where our lights will be put to better use in a mighty way that will give Him glory and honor.

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