Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Bday Cheryl!!!

Cheryl, one of my princesses, celebrated her birthday this month. She had a party at Jungle and several of her close friends came to celebrate her birthday with her. She was so happy about how the party went and she couldn't wait to tell me all about it.

I wasn't around on her birthday and she was so sad and upset with me about it. I had to attend a conference in San Diego so I couldn't be around on her birthday. This was her first birthday that I wasn't around and I was hoping that the Jungle party would cheer her up. I also took the family out for a special dinner in one of the restaurants near our place before I left for the conference.

What can I say....time really flies....My daughter is now 9 years old. She has grown up so fast and I feel a tinge of panic in my heart especially when I was in San Diego. I feel like I am running out of time and pretty soon she'll be off on her own in a blink of an eye. I don't think I will be ready for that. I really like the commercial for an insurance company where it starts with a little girl talking to her dad and asking for permission to use the car because she's going out with her friends and a boy friend. The dad finally agreed and the little girl was ecstatic. But, I was wondering why would you let a little girl drive your car? Then the girl picked up the car key from the desk and when the camera focused on her agai, she is not the little girl anymore but a young lady wearing the same dress. And that really captured how I see Cheryl. It was genius.

I think the only thing I can do is to try as much as I can to spend as much time as I can possibly spend with them so I won't have any regrets later on. I was actually asked by my boss who I also consider as my best friend at work if I am interested in a position that will make us peers. And without blinking an eye and no hesitation at all, I told him I have no aspirations. I would rather spend time with my family than take a higher position which would take away precious time from my family. I felt proud doing that. He was quite surprised when he heard me say that but he understood why I didn't want to go there. He respected me for it and then I told him, that maybe later on when my kids are all grown up, then I would probably consider. I am very contented with earning enough to support my family and spend quality and quantity time with them.

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