Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Camping Season Again

We had our first camping this year over the weekend. We went to our favorite camping place which is near where we live. It's the Del Valle Park located in Livermore, CA.

We had to dust off the cobwebs on our camping gears. Finding our stuff and organizing them has been the challenging part of this trip. This is because of the fact that we moved to our house late last year and we haven't really finished unpacking boxes and organizing our items. So we had to look for everything that we need. Luckily most of them are in the garage. Setting up camp went much much better than our previous camping trips. We have a better sense of what we need to do and who does what. There is definitely less screaming, shouting and piercing looks.

The young Leong family came with us on this trip - Jason, Jessica, Andrew and their little one Seth. They had a pretty rough time the first night because they didn't have their sleeping bags with them. And the nights were very cold. I am actually amazed how they survived the first night. Jason bought a sleeping bag for the following night and I am guessing that the second night went much better at least for Jessica and Seth.

The kids as usual had lots of fun running around, riding their scooters and bikes, playing in the creek and just exploring the place and goofing around. As for me, I always find it relaxing to be outdoors. Although my allergies acted up quite a bit. My eyes were teary sometimes and had to wrestle with sneezing every now and then. But I didn't really mind.

We didn't renew our Disney annual pass this year. We decided that we are going to do a lot of camping and outdoor activities in nature. We already have 3 more camping schedule until August. We will be going back to Del Valle with another family friend who came with us last year, then we will go with the Cihonski's for 2 camping trips - one on a floating campsite and the other one in Yosemite. We might plan for camping quickies in between.

Here are some pics courtesy of Jason. I got it from his facebook photo album.

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