Friday, May 1, 2009

Back on the Drums and a Wonderful Baby News!!!

After being gone from the worship team for 2 weeks, I was back in the practice this past Tuesday. I was a bit off and struggling to get my groove back. My limb coordination was not at its best and my speed and dexterity needed work. I haven’t touched drumsticks just for 2 weeks. I can only imagine the condition I will be in if I stop for an extended time. Anyway, I am so happy to be back and get my artistic juices flowing again.

Now about the baby news…. I got the confirmation from Eric our worship leader that he is indeed expecting a baby. Jason our sound guy who I went out camping with told us about it already but it’s great to hear it straight from the future dad. He looked so happy and excited about the pregnancy and I am so happy for him and Yvette. I know the feeling and I won’t ever forget that feeling. And I am so sure that the baby well be so loved and blessed to have Eric and Yvette as the parents.

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