Sunday, July 6, 2008

Disneyland Trip

We just came back from Disneyland where we celebrated the 4th of July long weekend. We decided to take this trip to help Weiwei cope with her loss and keep her mind occupied. She came back from Singapore about a week ago and I wanted her to take time off from home life and spend it with our kids to ease her back into the groove of things in the US.

I must say that this trip was a very fruitful one. We managed to try the rides that we haven't tried before. I's hard to believe if you know us..we have been traveling to Disneyland so many times for the past 8 years. But there is this new ride called Toy Story Mania in the California Adventure park. It's a 3D ride and you get to shoot stuff using a virutal canon like what you do in parlor games that you see in carnivals. The kids LOVED IT SO MUCH!! We managed to try the ride twice because it was late at night and the line was so short.

Weiwei also finally saw the new parade called the Disney Pixar parade which is a parade of the Pixar animation characters. In my opinion, it's a better parade than the previous one they have called Block Party parade. In Disneyland, we managed to try the Finding Nemo submarine voyage again. The kids had their fill of the differnt kiddie rides. Cheryl even dared to try the Haunted Mansion with me (of course, I had to explain to her all the time during the ride that none of the things she was seeing were real).

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