Monday, July 14, 2008

Quite A Scare

We had quite a scare this morning at 2am. We woke up with Abby coughing so bad and she started throwing up. After a while, we saw blood in the basin that and when we looked at her, blood was on her nose and mouth. We couldn't determine whether blood came out of her mouth first before her nose started bleeding or the other way around. We tried to stay calm but the blood just kept dripping out her nose.

We have dealt with the nose bleed situation before and so I tried to stop it but the bleeding just wouldn't stop. After a while, we decided to call 911 because we felt that she has already lost a lot of blood. While the paramedics were on their way, I kept praying that the bleeding will stop and after a while it did. People from the fire department arrived first at our place and shortly after the paramedics came. They saw the amount of blood that was in the toilet and they all said that she bled pretty bad and we need to take her to the hospital. The paramedics had the gurney ready but they told us that we can take Abby to the hospital ourselves because they don't want to aggravate her because if she starts crying, she might start coughing and the bleeding might start again.

So we took Abby to the emergency services at the hospital and they checked her out. They didn't find anything wrong that will explaing the coughing up of blood except that the blood might have come from her nasal passage and went down to her throat. That was quite a relief.

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