Saturday, May 16, 2009

Progress at last!!!

I am so tired but happy. I made good progress on my first project for our house - the built in entertainment center. I have been procrastinating since the first failed attempt. Well that's not entirely true. I have been so busy with a project I am working on right now at work. It's messy and it's really a long story.

But now, I can slowly see the fruits of my labor. I am down to the finishing trims to cover the exposed edges of the plywood, the doors for the bottom part and some more staining. I had a difficult time staining the side trims because of the grooves in the trim. The stain were pooling in the grooves and it was difficult to spread it out. I am thinking of sanding it a bit and then apply a final layer to hopefully even it out. But even with this setback, I must say that the whole thing looks pretty good. I can't wait to put on the finishing touches.

Here are pictures of the how the space looked before and how it looks right now (with the kids because they insist they want to be in the picture). After this project, my next one is the fireplace surround and then the crown molding. You can see the blue paint tape on the ceiling which marks the studs.


Anonymous said...

You're right Norm. t looks pretty good I didn't know that you are a handy man. Great job!


Norman and Weiwei said...


Anonymous said...

Dear norman and wei,

Wow , nice deco and it look so warm and how nice we are able to arrange to visit all of you soon.