Monday, January 21, 2008

Away from Home

This is my first day being away from my family and I am already missing them so much. I'm currently on a business trip and will be away from them for 3 days.

It's not that I haven't been away before. I have traveled quite a bit last year. But it gets harder and harder to be away from them as time goes by. The saying "It will get easier over time" definitely doesn't apply in this situation. Call me sentimental but I just love spending what little time I have after work with my kids and my wife no matter how we spend it together. Whether we get along or snap at each other, I love it all...the good and the bad. I feel so lost without them when I go out. There have been several times when I get a panick attack when I am at a store and I couldn't find my kids by my side. Only to realize that they were not with me in the first place.

The good news is, I won't be traveling any time soon after this trip. It's a blessing really. I have been told that we need to cut down on travel expense for my project and I was so happy to hear this.

On a different note, I tried a mahi-mahi burrito today for lunch and it was surprisingly good. I went out with a couple of Directors that I work with in my project and we went to this place called Rubio's near the office. It took quite some time to prepare what I ordered and they joked about ordering fish in the middle of the desert is probably not a good idea. But my order eventually came and I liked it.

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ah kin-serene said...

Hi Abby

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!

you having the same birthday month with us - Ah Ku , Ah Kin and Hugo.

May you and all at home be well and happy.

Please do call owen and chit chat with your belove grandpa.He was so lonely at home waiting for his lovely granddaughters call.