Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm So Happy!!

First off, the sun came out over the weekend so my weather blues are gone and I have a dose of natural Vitamin D so that really helped lift my spirits a lot!!

One of our to do's this year is to reconnect with family and friends. I finally realized that it's worth spending time and effort nurturing relationships that we truly value. I have been a procrastinator and I have to admit that staying in touch with friends and even with my family back home in the Philippines has been a problem with me. It's one of my major character flaws. And I know that it would seem that I don't really value these relationships but the truth of the matter is I do. I don't have any excuse for not staying in touch and I have made a commitment to work on this issue starting this year. So yesterday, I sent a note to my dear friend Pastor Doug who I consider my spiritual father.

I was so happy to hear from our dear friend Doug. He is the pastor of the church we attended in Canada where I served in the worship ministry as a drummer. I love hanging out with him, his adorable wife Laurel and their kids. His family reminds me of my family back home. He and Laurel have 10 children (I hope I got that right). I came from a big family myself. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I will always admire how he and Laurel manage to keep their sanity intact and their house in order. The love and respect that flows and emanates in and from their household is just amazing.

To hear the wonderful things that have happened to their family is really heartwarming. They became grandparents last year and they are expecting another this year. I am so happy for them and knowing Laurel, she must be beaming with pride with the new additions to their family.

I miss them so much. I remember the special occasions that we get to spend with their family when we were in Canada. They treated us like their own family and that really meant a lot to me because we didn't have any relatives at all in Canada. It really feels great to be in touch with them again after all these years.

Back here in California, it was a fun night for the Salgado household. Tomorrow is Abby's birthday. Weiwei and Cheryl were so busy preparing and baking the cake. Abby tries to help but you can imagine how that went... I suggested just buying a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake but Cheryl insisted on making one.

If you have read the book "Five Languages of Love", Cheryl's love language is Gifts. She loves giving gifts to people and she prefers giving something that she has created on her own. If you haven't read this book, I suggest you do so.

Here's a picture of the cake that Cheryl baked with her mom. She said that she's going to decorate it tomorrow when she comes home from school. Don't you think she's so sweet?

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