Friday, January 11, 2008

A Night to Remember

Tonight was a very interesting night. You see...I haven't gone out on a date for a long time. Hmmmm..that's not entirely true because I went out on a date last month. But when you don't do it regularly, the gap between those dates feels like ages. You know the feeling? Like, you're starting to grow roots while standing in line waiting for your turn to hop on a ride in Disneyland's Finding Nemo attraction.

Anyway, I managed to arrange a dinner date with this wonderful lady. But as it turned out, I ended up going out with someone that I have not seen for a very long time. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and really delighted to say the least.

Ok, do I have your full attention now? Then sit back, relax and I will take you along on my journey...(music slowly fades)

I kept looking at the clock on my computer in the office. My date is going to pick me up at around 5-5:15pm and I was eagerly awaiting for my phone to ring. I tried so hard to focus on finishing up what I'm doing but it was really eyes keep darting back and forth between the clock and the long...must press on......then the phone rings!!!!

It's her..I know it's her because I can see the incoming number on my phone display. Oh no!!! What should I do??? Should I answer immediately or let it ring a few times?? If I answer immediately, she might think I'm too excited...If I let it ring for a while, she might think I'm not that excited....tough call to make. I decided to let it ring twice and then gingerly picked up the phone and tried to answer in a matter of fact voice..."Safeway IT, this is Norman". She answered and asked me if I am ready and I said, "I am still trying to wrap things up here but I can be ready if you are.". Actually, I am pretty much done but I didn't want her to know that. She said that she'll be leaving the house soon but she can't use her cellphone. I told her, "Oh don't worry about it. I will just meet you at the parking lot."

After waiting out in the cold for about 15 minutes, I saw her car finally coming. The car stopped and she got out of the car to greet me. It was at that moment that I came to realize that I am going out on a date with someone I have not seen for a long time. She looked so stunning and very chic in a combination of sweater top, black skirt and high boots!! I was absolutely smitten and my heart was racing!! I tried hard not to stare because my momma told me that it's not polite to stare.

Then, she asked me..."How do I look? Do you like it?"...I was about to say something stupid like "hamanama" the sound that comes out of your mouth when you try to talk after a dentist has injected your gums with a numbing shot and your mouth can't feel a thing. But, I managed to recover my composure and answered.."You look wonderful tonight..". But I'm not entirely sure if I said it right because the music was playing in my mind and I think I said it with a tune.

Anyway, we got in the chariot.., I mean the car and off we went to a restaurant called Vic Stewart in Walnut Creek, CA for our dinner reservation.

We arrived at the restaurant and I felt so wonderful and proud to be walking around the restaurant with this gorgeous lady holding on to my arm. People's heads were turning and gazes were following us as the receptionist ushered us to our table (give me a break ok...that's how it played out in my mind). We sat down, ordered a couple of appetizers, red wine, and steaks. We talked about so many things while waiting for our orders and drinking our wine. The food came and it was great!!. We had a lot of laughs and interesting conversations throughout the dinner.

At the end of the dinner service, I looked at her and said "Honey, I think it's time to go home. We don't want to be late because we need to take the babysitter home.".

And once again it once a month date with my beautiful bride of 9 years. We made a commitment to go out on a date once a month and we started about 3 months ago. We just decided that we must make time for us as a couple. Otherwise, we will just spend all our time taking care of the kids and neglecting our relationship with each other.

Now, the reason I said at the start of my story that I ended up going out with another woman is just to illustrate the point that she looked different from the way she usually dress up during our previous dates. I didn't expect her to get all dressed up and that's what made tonight special and different from previous 3 dates that we have had. My wife made a conscious effort of making it special by dressing up for the occasion. I have told her several times that I miss seeing her all dressed up in fancy clothes.

Don't get me wrong...she is matter what she wears. But I would love to see her in something other than jeans and sweat pants every now and then. And for her to get all dressed up for our date tonight meant a lot.

I have to confess, that what I wrote in the blow by blow recap of the dinner date is probably not entirely accurate as far as how the evening unfolded. I had to throw in some things in there for dramatic effects. Just like what we see at the start of some movies, "This story is based on real events".

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