Thursday, January 10, 2008


It has been several days already of gloomy weather and I am starting to get depressed!!! I know...I know...I shouldn't be complaining because we need the rain to avoid any drought. But I just can't help it. I guess it's human nature to complain and focus on negativity. I feel that I really have to make an effort to look at the positive side but looking at the negative side just comes so easily. But then again, it's probably just me.

This kind of weather brings back memories of Vancouver and Coquitlam Canada. We had the wonderful opportunity to live in Coquitlam for more than a year. I had to move out of the US and work in Vancouver on a short term assignment. We got a place in Coquitlam which is further inland because we just find the price of rental properties in Vancouver and nearby cities too much. We managed to rent a gorgeous 3 level townhouse which has 4 bedrooms on the top floor, a formal living and dining on the main level and a finished basement. The place is huge and my oldest daughter loved it becaue she had so much spaces to run around and play. And we were expecting our second child at that time too so can't complain about the huge space. And the best part is that it costs a lot less than what I have to fork out for a small 2 bedroom apartment in the Vancouver area.

The downside though is that I had to commute by train everyday. Well I thought of it as a downside at that time. But now when I look back, it was really a good thing and it was just again my nature to focus on negative instead of the positive. I really have to work on it. Anyway...the reason I say it's a good thing is the perks associated with commuting by train. I didn't have to deal with anything related to driving a car to work anymore like traffic jams, road rage, inconsiderate drivers, road hazards which just add unnecessary stress in my life. I have a valid excuse to leave the office at a certain time otherwise I am going to miss my train. I managed to take a nap on the train heading home and this gave me an energy boost to spend quality time with my kids and wife before retiring for the day.

Vancouver is a wonderful place. It's just that if you're not used to gloomy weather that goes on and on and will have a tough time adjusting. I know this because my wife and I went through it. We were born and raised in Asia where the sun is out practically all year round. So it was tough on me but moreso with my wife because she couldn't do much with the kids in that kind of weather. At least that's how we felt about it. But if we stayed there longer, we probably would have adjusted in the long run. We made lots of friends there. My oldest daughter celebrated her 5th birthday day and I couldn't believe how many friends she has already in less than a year. Same with me and my wife. So we really enjoyed our stay there.

I saw my good buddy James today at the office. Too bad, we didn't get to spend time to talk because he has to catch a flight back to Phoenix, AZ. But I will be seeing him in about 2 weeks because I will be going there on business. He's actually my boss.

But in the meantime, I will probably be joining my kids when they sing the Barney song..."Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me...". At least until the weather improves.

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Katherine said...

Hi Norman, I had no idea you were a blogger! Turns out it's a small world after all... Anyways, I enjoyed looking through the posts on your blog. I especially appreciate how you are able to tie in stories from different times throughout your life.

Katherine =)