Friday, January 25, 2008

Back Home

It's great to be back home!! I cut my trip short by 1 day and I didn't tell my family about it. So they were very surprised when I rang the door bell. And my kids just went crazy. And...I finally managed to get a good night's sleep. I have trouble sleeping at night when I am on business trips. I miss having somebody beside me in bed and the sleeping rituals that I do with my 2 little angels.

Speaking of sleeping rituals for kids... experts say that one way of training kids to go to bed and sleep on their own is to perform a series of activities that will prepare them for bed. This routine has to be consistent and the thought behind it is that it sets the expectation for the kids and provides structure in their sleeping habits. This method has worked wonderfully for us so we don't really struggle with putting our kids to bed.

I just realized that I benefit from this routine as well. It has now become a part of my adult nightly routine which helps set the tone for my mind and body to slow down and prepare for bed. And not doing this nightly routines when I am on business trips probably contributes to my sleep problems.

So, here's what I am planning to do. I will try to do this nightly rituals as best as I can over the phone with my family and see if it will help me sleep better next time I am away from home.

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